Pet Memorial Service

There is nothing else in life like the relationship we have with our animal friends. Animals are great listeners and loyal friends. They seem to be able to understand what we are saying when we talk to them, and they don’t argue back. They love us unconditionally and they don’t hold a grudge.

I believe we share our lives with animals to learn what they can teach us:

To love unconditionally,

To care about others rather than our possessions,

To remember to be playful in life,

To remember to snuggle with those we love,

To observe the world around us with curiosity and enthusiasm,

To wake up knowing that each day is a new adventure,

To remind us to take a walk and enjoy the sunshine from time to time,

To trust that the world will provide everything we need,

And to remind us, “Don’t worry. Be happy”.

A memorial service can help in the grieving process. We light a candle, ring a bell and remind everyone present how this beautiful animal brought light into the lives of those who loved him. A tribute to a very special member of the family.

The service continues with a poem or reading…

Personal sharing and stories with family & friends.

Followed by a few moments of silence then placing a flower near the urn or casket or picture.

Concludes with a poem or prayer.

Loving Spirit,

Give me the grace to mourn with dignity and peace.

Give me the grace to mourn without shame and embarrassment.

Give me the grace to mourn fully so that my heart will be healed.

Give me the grace to cry until my crying is done.

Help me understand others when they must face a similar road.

Give me the grace to mourn with patience and be tolerant of my own needs.

Help me move through this at my own pace,

and to be at peace with that, while my heart mends and my spirit is renewed.

May my memories of my beloved ___________________

Be a blessing, so that I may be ready to love again. Amen

These and other services can be easily modified to express your feelings and help in the grieving process. Birth is a beginning and death a destination, but life is a journey.
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