Wedding Checklist

Six to twelve months before the Wedding

_____ Announce your engagement.
_____ Plan the engagement party or make the announcement to the rest of your family and friends.
_____ Attend bridal shows.
_____ Talk with a bridal consultant/wedding coordinator. Make an appointment for a consultation.
_____ Together with both sets of parents, discuss wedding plans, including formality.
_____ Determine a budget.
_____ If you are sharing expenses, decide who will pay for what.
_____ Select a date and time for the wedding.
_____ Call the church or synagogue for an appointment with the officiant.
_____ If it will be a civil ceremony, call the officiant.
_____ Meet with the officiant.
_____ Ask friends and family to serve as wedding attendants.
_____ Start comparison shopping for services, such as florist, caterer, photographer, and videographer.
_____ Select wedding rings and make arrangements for engraving.
_____ Begin writing your guest lists.
_____ Gather ideas for reception: menu, beverages, entertainment, favors and so on.
_____ Shop for your wedding gown and headpiece. Also look at attendants’ dresses.
_____ Begin to plan the wedding ceremony and reception music.
_____ Register with department stores for bridal gift registry.

Five months before the wedding

_____ Select and order your gown, headpiece, and attendants’ dresses.
_____ Discuss honeymoon plans with your fiancé, and send for travel information.
_____ Check samples of wedding invitations, announcements, and enclosure cards.
_____ Begin shopping for your wedding cake.
_____ Reserve blocks of rooms at hotels for out-of-town guests (include this information with invitations).

Four Months before the Wedding

_____ Select and order your wedding stationery: invitations, announcements, enclosures, napkins, and thank you notes.
_____ Get necessary travel documents (passport, birth certificate).
_____ Draw maps with directions to the ceremony and reception site for out of town guests.
_____ Make an appointment with the caterer or banquet manager to discuss your reception menu.
_____ Make an appointment with your bridal consultant to “touch base” and get your questions answered.

Three Months before the Wedding

_____ Decide on honeymoon destination, and call for reservations.
_____ Begin shopping for your gown away outfit and honeymoon clothes.
_____ Finalize your guest list, check for duplicates, and correct spelling and addresses.
_____ Review musical selections with your musicians.
_____ Arrange for an engagement picture for the newspaper.
_____ Make an appointment with the florist to discuss floral budget and floral decorations.
_____ Check with local authorities about requirements for marriage license and blood test.
_____ Make an appointment with your doctor for a physical.
_____ Begin addressing the inner and outer invitation envelopes.
_____ Complete honeymoon plans: buy air or cruise tickets.
_____ Get a facial (3, 2, and 1) month before the wedding to prepare and refresh your skin. Schedule a facial (1) week before the wedding.

Two months before the Wedding

_____ Order the wedding cake and groom’s cake.
_____ Have a physical examination, blood tests, and any required inoculations for foreign travel.
_____ Accompany groom to the formal wear shop and choose formal attire for the male attendants.

Seven weeks before the Wedding

_____ Meet with the caterer or banquet manager and firm up reception details Ask for a banquet room floor plan.
_____ Consult a party rental store if equipment is needed at the reception.
_____ Schedule an appointment with the bridal consultant.
_____ Talk with musicians and review your selections.
_____ Make an appointment with your photographer for your formal bridal portrait.

Six weeks before the Wedding

_____ Call the church or synagogue and confirm rehearsal date and time.
_____ Discuss music with the church organist and soloist.
_____ Plan the rehearsal dinner with the caterer.
_____ Visit the church and reception site and do a floor plan .
_____ Have the males in the wedding party, including the fathers, rent their formal wear at the same store.
_____ If there are out of town male attendants, have the local store send them the tux information and a postcard to return with their measurements so they can order the tuxes.
_____ Order wedding programs.
_____ Order favors

Five weeks before the Wedding

_____ Mail all the invitations.
_____ Select and buy gifts for all attendants.
_____ Get swatches of attendants’ dress fabric and have shoes dyed in one lot.
_____ If attendants live out of town, arrange for their dresses to be sent to them for fittings and alterations.
_____ Meet the florist and order your flowers. Take samples of fabric and pictures of your gown and attendants’ gowns.
_____ Purchase or borrow bridal garter, guest book, pen, cake knife, and toasting glasses.

Four weeks before the Wedding

_____ Prepare the wedding announcement for the local newspaper.
_____ All invitations should be in the mail.
_____ Make an appointment with your hair stylist and a makeup artist to try out makeup and hairstyles for your wedding day.
_____ Finalize arrangements for the rehearsal dinner.
_____ Check with attendants regarding their accessories.
_____ Wrap attendants’ gifts and have them ready to present.
_____ Make an appointment for the final fitting of your gown.
_____ Begin addressing announcement envelopes.
_____ Select wedding gifts for each other.
_____ Arrange for transportation of the wedding party to the wedding and reception.
_____ Discuss the ceremony with officiant.
_____ Make a seating plan for the rehearsal dinner and reception.
_____ Write place cards for the reception.
_____ Decide whether you will use a receiving line.
_____ If you are moving to another town after the wedding, call the movers and make arrangements.
_____ Get marriage license.

Three weeks before the Wedding

_____ Have your final fitting.
_____ Notify all participants of rehearsal date, time and place.
_____ Have your formal portrait taken.
_____ Check on honeymoon tickets and reservations.
_____ Set up a table to display your wedding gifts.
_____ Record gifts and continue to send thank you notes.
_____ Confirm transportation to ceremony and reception.
_____ Attend showers given in your honor.
_____ Arrange for bridesmaids’ luncheon.
_____ Ask a friend to handle the wedding gifts at the reception.
_____ Make arrangements for gifts to be taken from the reception to your home or to storage.
_____ Hire a “house sitter” for the rehearsal and wedding day for your home, your parents’ home, and your fiancé’s home.
_____ Ask someone to be the guest book attendant.
_____ Check with cleaners about preserving your gown.
_____ Assign someone to take your gown to that cleaners.
_____ Pick up tickets and confirm reservations for honeymoon.

One week before the Wedding

_____ Eat right and get plenty of rest this week!!
_____ Give the caterer a guaranteed count for the reception.
_____ Double-check all service providers: florist, photographer, caterer, church and so on.
_____ Pay balances due on services required before the wedding.
_____ Have money or checks in envelopes for your consultant to hand to organist, soloist, musicians, and anyone who needs to be paid the day of the wedding.
_____ Host the bridesmaids’ luncheon.
_____ Remind everyone of the date and time of the rehearsal.
_____ Pack for the honeymoon.
_____ Give gifts to attendants (If not planned for rehearsal dinner).
_____ Spend some quiet time with your family.
_____ Have “something old, new borrowed, and blue” ready.
_____ Explain any special seating to your bridal consultant.
_____ Attend the bachelorette party (not the night before the wedding).
_____ Get a facial and massage it will also help you to relax and become more centered for the week to come.

Two days before the Wedding

_____ Check the weather conditions for the wedding day and make adjustments if needed.
_____ Lay out everything you will need to dress for the wedding in one place at home.
_____ Your bridal consultant should provide a care package: safety pins, thread and needle, bobby pins, hair spray, soft drinks, juice, crackers, and more for your use.
_____ Make sure the cars involved have enough fuel.

One day before the Wedding

_____ Attend the rehearsal.
_____ Make sure you and your groom are comfortable with the rehearsal and have no questions.
_____ If you are leaving for your honeymoon directly from the reception, place your luggage in the car that you will be driving and lock it.
_____ Have your bridal consultant get your gown, veil and/or bridesmaids’gowns from the bridal shop and take them directly to the ceremony site (if the shop doesn’t deliver).

The Day of your Wedding

_____ Eat a good breakfast—something that will last. You want to include protein items and some Carbs. (for energy). You might be too nervous to eat closer to the wedding time.
_____ Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Don’t rush! Enjoy this time. You may even indulge and have a makeup artist and hair stylist come to the ceremony site to apply your makeup and do your hair.
_____ Your consultant should make sure that anything belonging to you that need to go from the church or synagogue to the reception hall would be taken there.
_____ Enjoy this day! You’ve planned well and now you can relax and have fun!

Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!!