Pre-marital Counseling

Do you want your marriage to be healthy, fulfilling, challenging, committed, fun and more than you ever thought it could be?

My Premarital counseling program is designed to give you a snapshot of your relationship as an individual and as a couple. This can serve as the starting point to help you improve your relationship and take it to new heights.

Good marriages don’t just happen. The couples with exceptional marriages are willing to learn and grow; develop a positive attitude; and discover how to speak their spouse’s language and celebrate their difference.

Your marriage is a lifelong adventure. Every journey has its highs, lows and detours. Every journey is unique. No two couples experience the same road. Many experience marriage without giving it much thought, while others constantly take their marital temperature. Some see only the problems and what isn’t there. Others view marriage with blinders on and are oblivious to issues that eat away at the core of marriage.