Types of Ceremonies

Spiritual Ceremony is often inspiring and universal in feeling with no particular religious influence.

Christian Ceremony will have a reference to God and Jesus.

Non-denomination is a ceremony that is not any particular denomination.

Religious Ceremony of a particular denomination (e.g., Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Buddhist) or a combination of denominations; Defining religious elements/traditions from one or more denominations.

Interfaith Ceremony or multi-faith or inter-denominational, is a combination or blend of religions ranging from only some religion to being entirely religious.

Buddhist/Christian ceremony, following a traditional Buddhist ceremony and the traditional Buddhist vows

I was honored to officiate a Jewish/Christian ceremony, (I chanted the seven wedding blessing in Hebrew).

Civil or non-religious ceremonies have no religion in the ceremony, a couple may have a poem that would be meaningful to them as a prayer would be to a religious person. A non-religious ceremony can be very warm and heartfelt, focusing on the love you share for one another.

Commitment Ceremony follows the same format and choices as all wedding ceremonies. A public ritual of a commitment ceremony can cement a special bond between a couple and their guests.

Renewal of Vows
for a special anniversary in a marriage. Many times children and grandchildren are included in the ceremony. A time to celebrate your good fortune and to publicly say Yes, I would do it again and again.